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Designers Love It

Our workflow technology brings designers back to design, back to doing what they love, and back to imagining and designing buildings that inspire humans.

Less Waste, More Profits

We are making zero-waste construction a practical reality for projects of all sizes.

The Long View

In the coming years, our technology platform will evolve to become a key success factor in the colonization of Mars and deep space asteroid mining.

Design Software Interoperability in Construction

Lack of software interoperability in the design phase of construction projects takes designers away from design work and is a major cause of delays and increased costs.

Answering Common Questions about DesignFlow

DesignFlow is the first zero-coding design model interoperability solution for the construction industry. This article answers questions about DesignFlow.

Introducing the Three Eras of Knowledge Objects

In this article, we introduce the concept of Knowledge Object, and show how Knowledge Objects differ in terms of which era of evolution they belong to.

Anssi Auvinen 

CEO & Founder

Mikko Kotila

CTO & Founder

Juha Rantala

Chief Product Officer

Arun Raguraman

SVP of Engineering

Prasenjit Dey

Software Engineer

Paavo Hietanen

Software Engineer

Yune Leou-On

Software Engineer

Aleksi Kontu

Business Developer


> DesignFlow

Design eco-system with real-time model interoperability and version for all common construction design software.

> ObjectLibrary

Material eco-system with collaborative management of pre-designed components for design models.

> DataHub

Data eco-system for managing, transforming, and delivering design and non-design data across all relevant business systems.

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