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Mission Critical Software for Construction Projects.

aecmaster’s digital workflow technology makes it fun and easy to remodel kitchens or colonize Mars.

Anssi Auvinen 

CEO & Founder

Mikko Kotila

CTO & Founder

Juha Rantala

Chief Product Officer

Arun Raguraman

SVP of Engineering

Prasenjit Dey

Software Engineer

Paavo Hietanen

Software Engineer

Yune Leou-On

Software Engineer

Aleksi Kontu

Business Developer


> DesignFlow

Design eco-system with real-time model and version control for all common construction design software

> ObjectLibrary

Material eco-system with collaborative management of pre-designed components for design models

> DataHub

Data eco-system for managing, transforming, and delivering design and non-design data across all business systems

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