Future of Construction

We are radically improving BIM-based design and streamlining the construction supply chain through our software, which is centered on a cloud-based next-generation BIM–model.

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What is Aecmaster?

Aecmaster is a software and consulting company that improves the construction design process and solves significant challenges within the industry. The company offers practical solutions to a complicated design process, rising costs and inefficient use of resources. Aecmaster helps to build a profitable and sustainable future, whether it´s on Earth or Mars.

For Designers

Save time, focus on creativity

  • Less reporting and unnecessary meetings
  • Seamless interoperability between different design disciplines
  • Faster and better quality BIM-based design

For Principal Designers

Carry the project through successfully

  • Centralized project metadata management
  • BIM based design management
  • Real-time tracking, controlling and reporting

For Design Companies

Learn and lead with knowledge

  • Real-time snapshot of projects
  • More efficient management of resources
  • Continuous learning from projects and growth of the knowledge base

“I got to test the Aecmaster PoC software in Posiva´s nuclear fuel final disposal facility ONKALO in Olkiluoto. It significantly eased my work.”

Roope Berg
Roope Berg
Designer @A-Insinöörit

“I got to know Aecmaster´s software and tested it in my project at Neitsytpolku 1, Helsinki. Managing the project was meaningful and the results were excellent even though I was using the PoC version.”

Samu Ilmarinen
Samu Ilmarinen
Project Management Consultant

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